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Lelijveld & Domela Nieuwenhuis


We convey 30 years legacy of Bosch Advocaten into Lelijveld & Domela Nieuwenhuis partnership. We were one of the first firms in the Netherlands specializing in labor law and collective labor law. Whether you’re a business, a Works Council, or an individual, we made our choice to work with people and for people. We take time to listen. Then we keep it clear, short and concise. We turn complex problems into solutions and get things done fast.

KLM Works Council has a long-term partnership with Bosch Advocaten. By now the expertise and reliability of their advice seems self-evident. Reliability is a virtue of loyalty.

Board KLM Works Council
We always come to Bosch Advocaten with complex, sensitive and delicate challenges. We can always count on their professional expertise and very direct, supportive approach. Knowledgeable experts and great business partners.

Renée-Andrée Koornstra

HR Director VU University
They understand our business and they understand us. Not only efficient and excellent expert but also accessible and very easy to work with.

Willemijn van Norel

People & Culture Director Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam
They really get to the core of things. Very thorough and detailed approach. They understand what is at stake. They are clear in the advice they give. They are understanding and direct. Great trial lawyers. Bosch Advocaten has our full trust.

Works Council DHL Global Forwarding
Direct, fast, efficient, involved and dedicated. We have absolute trust in Bosch Advocaten skills and in our partnership.

Toos Dankers

HR Director RET
Very approachable. We never felt like we are dealing with the law firm. We can always count on honest, clear advice as well as sharp, confident leadership with great results.

Works Council BT Netherlands

Peter Lelijveld

After working as an attorney-at-law for more than 40 years, I continue working as a legal advisor and consultant. Where necessary, I am supported read more by my colleague Domela Nieuwenhuis who acts in court on behalf of my clients. Guided by my three core professional values: respect, tactical strategy and transparency, I combat people’s problems. Determination, dedication and a positive fighting spirit are qualities that I use in my advising role as well as in triathlon competitions (a private passion of mine). I am a member of the Employment Law Association. My specialities are:
Employment law
Employee participation
t: 020 589 04 59
m: 06 53 705 207

Derk Domela Nieuwenhuis

I’ve been practising law since 1997. From the very beginning I wanted to specialise in the part of the law that is close to people. This means often stressful, read more difficult and delicate matters that need attention, focus, understanding and personal involvement. That is why after several years in bigger firms I’ve chosen to lead a smaller practice – to be able to offer my Clients a truly flexible and dedicated approach. My strong side: listening, understanding and getting to the core of things fast – keeping it simple and keeping it sharp. Something, that I duly practise every day as father of a teenage son.I am a member of the VAAN and the Employment Law Association. I specialize in:
Labor law
Collective labor law
Pension law
t: 020 589 04 56
m: 06 51 153 571

t: 020 589 04 44
f: 020 685 02 31

Sarphatistraat 370
1018 GW Amsterdam